Blessed Plumbing: the name says it all! We tried to speak with a few different plumbing companies to fix our water heater, but they either didn’t seem very interested in providing service or they didn’t communicate well with us from the start. Blessed Plumbing was the complete opposite! They showed an enthusiasm in what they do and a desire to serve others, were very prompt in returning calls and information, and were very honest, upfront, and caring. They did a great job quickly fixing our water heater and had very reasonable prices. This Christian-run business is a real blessing, and I would highly recommend their services!
Kelly  Canal Winchester

The name “Blessed Plumbing” perfectly fits this company. After they did their work and left my home, I knew I had just been blessed.This company knows about going “the second mile”. They came out to unstop a kitchen sink disposal but fixed several other plumbing issues and volunteered information to improve the plumbing in our home. As long as they are in business I will never question whom to hire for plumbing needs. I highly recommend Blessed Plumbing.

I had a terrible leak in my bathtub faucet, ran constantly. Bill from Blessed Plumbing came out and gave an estimate that was very reasonable and we made an appointment to have the work done. They came today and put in a new bathtub faucet, shower head, and replaced the faucets in my bathroom sink too. Everything looks great! Can’t wait to use the new shower head. 🙂 They were very professional, timely, took time to answer all my questions, and cleaned up after they were done.

Bill: thanks for the service you performed at our home on Wednesday. Also thanks for the great suggestion as to what was wrong with our outdoor gas grill. The problem was exactly what you indicated the problem was. The 2 venturi tubes were blocked with spider webs and other debris. After I cleaned the 2 tubes and reassembled the grill, everything worked great! THANKS FOR SAVING ME A SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT OF MONEY TO REPAIR/REPLACE THE GRILL! Thanks again.

Bill from Blessed Plumbing came to my house on Friday to give me an estimate on missing gas lines in the basement that run to my gas fireplace. The first gentleman that I had in my home explained that their was a piece of gas line “missing” in the basement which is why the fireplace did not work. Bill explained that this was completely wrong information and that my home was equipped with a gas line in the home for the fireplace and a secondary line that runs outside to a gas grill. He identified there was a small piece missing and mentioned he bet it fell out and was somewhere in the crawl space. He proceeded to get into my crawl space, find the missing piece that connects to the key and show me how exactly it works once I buy the key that connects to the floor upstairs. He then showed me how the lines work upstairs, where to start the fire and how to replace the log equipment. He offered to come back and connect the new log equipment once its purchased. His 20 minutes in the home was completely free of charge! I would definitely call him again with any other gas line or plumbing problems. Excellent service. Very honorable to not charge me

We woke up Sunday morning to find that our water heater had leaked all over our basement floor. We called Blessed Plumbing and they were at our house 15 mins later. He quickly assessed the problem and found that it was simply the drain valve that was leaking and not an internal issue. He capped the valve which fixed the problem. He went on to make several preventative action recommendations in our home which could save us money, loss of property and headaches down the road.

They had good quality work and he didn’t charge me for a special handle that had to be purchased. I would definitely use him again.

The representative, Bill, promptly returned call for request of service. He made and kept the appointment. Bill surveyed and correctly diagnosed the problem. He also suggested a few things I could do for prevention of the same problem in the future.
-Vivian & Eric  

Blessed Plumbing Inc. They are very kind and considerate. They also allowed the home owner to help with the removal of the sink. He did great work. He will work with people on a tight budget.

Bill was very nice. He accommodated us on the day we called. His prices were reasonable. He was punctual, friendly, and clean. He was also very informative.
-Ziad & Teresa